07 Jun 2020

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Post COVID-19 World

The SARS epidemic of 2003 is regularly attributed with offering ascend to web based business platforms, for example, Alibaba and JD.com, for instance, while organizations, for example, American Express and Starbucks rotated during the worldwide monetary emergency of 2008−2009 to advanced working models that empowered them to flourish and significantly increment investor esteem.

In this sense, COVID-19 is probably going to be the same as different emergencies. It will incredibly quicken a few significant patterns that were at that point well in progress before the episode and that will proceed as organizations move their concentration to recuperation. For example, instead of intensely thinking sourcing and creation in a couple of minimal effort areas, organizations will incorporate more repetition with their worth chains. Customers will buy an ever-increasing number of products and ventures on the web. Furthermore, expanding quantities of individuals will work remotely. We accept that the use of man-made brainpower will be gigantically significant in helping organizations adjust to these patterns. Propelled robots that can perceive articles and handle assignments that recently required people will advance the activity of production lines and different offices every minute of every day, in more areas and with little included expense. Artificial intelligence empowered stages will assist organizations with bettering mimic live workplaces and make on-request work powers. Through AI and propelled information investigation, AI will assist organizations with recognizing new utilization designs and convey “hyperpersonalized” items to online clients. The best use cases will be those that consistently consolidate AI with human judgment and experience.

Achievement won’t be simple. A few organizations have just propelled AI use cases that will be useful in the present emergency. The test will be proportional them up. Those that improve ready to explore unsure gracefully and request, acclimate to disturbances in tasks and flexibly chains, allot their workforces, and adjust to sharp changes in customer certainty and needs. Computerized locals may have an underlying edge. Different organizations should act rapidly to procure the abilities, capacities, and methods of working expected to start the AI venture. Be that as it may, paying little mind to their beginning stage, organizations must look past the COVID-19 emergency and start concentrating on changes that put AI at their center.


Most organizations as of now have broad involvement in computerized applications, for example, computerization and fundamental information examination. Be that as it may, AI, which empowers machines to take care of issues and take activities that in the past must be finished by people, goes a long way past that. Simulated intelligence devices investigate tremendous volumes of information to master basic examples, empowering PC frameworks to settle on complex choices, anticipate human conduct, and perceive pictures and human discourse, among numerous different things. Computer based intelligence empowered frameworks additionally persistently learn and adjust. These abilities will be immensely important as organizations stand up to and adjust to the new truth of the present emergency and its fallout. (See Exhibit 2.)

This new reality will fundamentally affect organizations’ costs, income, and working models. Beneath we survey how the worldwide business scene is changing along three measurements—esteem chain excess, moving utilization examples, and remote methods of working—and the job that AI can play in empowering organizations to flourish and hold onto upper hand in this new condition. (See Exhibit 3.)

Author –
Jyotir Moy Chatterjee
Assistant Professor - IT
LBEF Campus