Learning For Employability

Employers look for qualified people who have the technical know-how and the ability to communicate, work in teams and other personal skills.

At APU, our programmes are developed to provide you not only with interesting and stimulating modules to develop your mind, but also to enhance your knowledge and skills and increase your ability to compete for that dream job. You need to possess the ability to learn, develop and adapt. Much of what is current knowledge will soon be out-of-date and the reality is that to succeed you need to be adaptable and innovative. We achieve this through the five “I”s Model:

The Five “I”s Model:

  1. Innovation through the design of curriculum, the module content and the learning approaches.
  2. Integration through developing your capabilities to interrelate knowledge and to work in multi-disciplinary teams.
  3. Information through developing your knowledge and also your abilities to communicate effectively and persuasively.
  4. Interactivity through the use of group work to develop your teamwork skills and through the use of technology to achieve interactivity of devices and people.
  5. Imagination in relation to new products, ideas, applications and solutions.

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