LBEF Merit Scholarship is awarded on the basis of marks scored in LBEF Entrance Examination, university semester end examination and internal examinations/evaluations. The first semester scholarship will be awarded on the basis of entrance examination performance and from second semester onwards, students’ performance in university semester end examination and internal examinations/evaluations will be taken into account. This scholarship is only awarded in the tuition fee. The scholarship privileges provided by LBEF are as follows.

1. 95% or above 50%
2. 91% to 95% 40%
3. 86% to 90% 30%
4. 81% to 85% 25% 25%
5. 76% to 80% 20%
6 71% to 75% 10%

The continuation of Scholarship to the eligible student in the second and subsequent semesters will be as per the rules and regulations.

  • Eligibility Criteria 1: Clear promotion to the next semester in first attempt with pass in all papers of the previous semester including internal examinations/tests.
  • Eligibility Criteria 2: Attendance should be above 85% in previous & current semester.
  • Eligibility Criteria 3: No EC form has been submitted throughout previous and current semester.
  • There are limited numbers of Scholarships. In total, Gyandeep & Merit Scholarship will be only provided in the Tuition Fee to 20% of class Strength as per the rules for the Scholarship. One Student can opt for only one scholarship scheme.
  • Student must have attendance higher than 85% to avail  any type of scholarship/award.
  • On the basis of entrance examination, scholarship will be only provided in the tuition fee of first semester and from the next semester onwards overall performance in university examination and internal examinations (include midterm test, presentation, project, pre-final, group discussion etc.)  will be taken into account.
  • Average of pre-final, mid-term and University Examination will be taken into account while calculating the scholarship percentage.
  • Student has to pass in all university theory papers, college internal examinations & internal assessment and term work. If any student fails, his scholarship will be seized without any prior notice.
  • Students will pay the whole tuition fee at the starting of second semester and once the university result is declared, student has to give a fresh application to college management; campus will refund the scholarship amount.
  • As MBA (Weekend) is an executive education programme , no scholarship will be awarded to the students joining MBA in weekend mode.
  • Any undisciplined/unprofessional behavior from the student can also lead to the cancellation of scholarship.
  • Decision taken by college management will be final and rules for scholarship can be changed without any notice. College will be under no obligation to continue scholarship in higher semester. College decision will be final and cannot be challenged.