08 Aug 2018

Referral Examination Schedule – August 2018


Referral Examination Schedule August 2018

Asia Pacific University
Examination Center:- Patan College for Professional Studies, Kupandole Lalitpur.
DATE 02 September 2018 03 September 2018 04 September 2018 05 September 2018 06 September 2018 07 September 2018 09 September 2018
DAY Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday
TIME 7:00AM to 9:10 AM 7:00AM to 9:10 AM 7:00AM to 9:10 AM 7:00AM to 9:10 AM 7:00AM to 9:10 AM 7:00AM to 9:10 AM 7:00AM to 9:10 AM


Accounting Skills
Personality Development
Computing and IT in the Workplace


E-Business Management
Operations Management
Introduction to Management
Mathematical Concepts for Computing
Personality Development
Computing and IT in the Workplace
Fundamentals of Software Development
Mathematical Concepts for Computing
Mathematical Concepts for Computing
Object Oriented Development with Java
Probability and Statistical Modeling
Mobile and Wireless Technology
System Development Methods
Object Oriented Development with Java
Strategic Planning and System Development
Object- Oriented Software system Engineering
Integrated System Management
Intercultural Communication in Business
Managerial Economics
Human Resource Management
Murari Dhungel
Examination Controller

Important Instructions for Examinations:

  • All the Referral students to submit the Referral Exam Form by 15 August 2018 (Last Date)
  • Dockets will be distributed from 26th August, 2018- 30th August, 2018. No docket/admit card will be issued on the date of your examination.
  • You must achieve at least 80% of your class attendance and have no overdue fees in order to be eligible to sit for an examination. Failing to meet these conditions, you will not be given a docket and will not be able to sit for the examination.
  • Students disqualified from sitting for the examination due to poor attendance will be required to repeat the module with attendance in the next available semester (with payment) and the maximum grade achievable will be a pass grade.
  • You should bring your own stationery including non-scientific calculator (if it is allowed for a particular module), as you are not allowed to share/borrow from others. The Examination Center will not be responsible for supplying such items. Stationery items should be placed loose on your desk. The invigilator may check your stationery items at any point in time during the exam. The usage of correction fluid is prohibited.
  • You will be allowed into the exam hall 10 minutes before the commencement of an examination upon producing your student ID card and examination docket/admit card. Admit card is valid only when produced with the photo Id card of the university. Any student who fails to provide their identification card will be refused entry into the exam hall.
  • An additional 10 minutes of reading time will be allocated prior to the start of the examination. During the reading time, you will be allowed the following ONLY:
    • Reading of the Examination Question Paper. You may list down quick important points on the Examination Question Paper. You MUST NOT commence writing in the Examination Answer Script.
    • Clarifying details of the Examination Question Paper with an invigilator.
    • Filling in information required on the cover Examination Answer Script i.e. examination docket number, intake code, examination subject title, and examination date.
  • You must place your student ID card with the photo facing upwards on the desk throughout the examination for identity verification purposes.
  • You will not be admitted for an examination after the first 30 minutes of the commencement of an examination.
  • Please bring the provisional admission card to the exam center daily.
  • Students must dress appropriately in order to be allowed to attend the examination.
  • Please check that you have the correct Exam Question Paper and read the instructions printed on your Exam Question Paper carefully.
  • It is your responsibility to write the question numbers, sheet number, examination docket number and examination module title on every continuation sheet, if used.
  • You must always begin answering every new question on a new page.
  • The invigilator will collect Section A of the examination docket (on which your name is written). You are to affix Section B to the top right-hand corner of the Examination Answer Script.
  • As the invigilator collects the dockets, the invigilator will request you to initial against your name on the Students’ Exam Attendance List.
  • You will be seated strictly as per the seating plan.
  • You must personally handover the Answer Script and Question Paper to the invigilator after completion of examination.
  • Use of unfair means, disobedience of constructions arguing or threatening the examination officials, cheating etc. will be treated as MALPRACTICE.
  • You are required to follow all the guidelines and instructions of the University and also those to be given in the examination by the invigilator or chief superintendent or the university representative from time to time and their decision in all matters pertaining to the conduct of the examination will be final and binding and cannot be challenged under any circumstances.
  • The University strongly advises that you do not bring any valuable items on the day of the examination. Possession of Mobile Phone even in SWITCH OFF mode will be treated MALPRACTICE and invites strictest punishment. Do not bring Mobile phones to the examination center as there is no arrangement for safekeeping.
  • Please ensure that no unauthorized material is brought into the exam hall. This includes notes written on any part of your body/clothing or stored on your mobile phone or other smart phone/ device. If you inadvertently bring in unauthorised material, you should declare it to the invigilator immediately. You are reminded that possession of unauthorized material in an exam is a breach of examination rules and regulations and will be considered as gross academic dishonesty, even if the materials are found irrelevant to the exam being taken.
  • No student may be authorized to leave the exam hall:
    • during the first 30 minutes after the exam has started
    • during the last 15 minutes before the exam ends
  • If, in the opinion of the invigilator, any student causes unreasonable disruption which is disturbing other students and persists in such behaviour after receiving a warning, they will be deemed to have breached examination rules and regulations. The invigilator shall be required to lodge a formal report against the student.
  • Raise your hand and stay in your seat until you get permission from the invigilator before leaving the exam hall upon completing your exam. The invigilator reserves the right not to permit students to leave the hall.
  • You are strongly discouraged from using the washroom during the examination, except in pressing circumstances and at the discretion of the invigilator. Please ensure that you use the washroom before entering the exam hall.
  • If you need to use the washroom, raise your hand and stay in your seat until you get permission from the invigilator before visiting the washroom.
  • Your handwriting must be legible. The University reserves the right not to mark your script if your writing is illegible.
  • No eating and smoking are allowed in the examination hall.
  • You must ensure that all relevant details and the numbers of attempted questions are written clearly on the front cover of the Examination Answer Script. For multiple-choice questions (if any), you must only fill in the section, as the number of attempted question is not required.
  • When the end of examination is announced, you should stop writing immediately; remain seated in silence until the invigilator has completely collected all the examination materials and you are given permission to leave. You should leave the exam hall quietly.
  • Under no circumstances, are you to take out of the exam hall any examination material; Examination Question Paper, Examination Answer Script or any continuation sheet whether used or unused.