23 Jul 2018

Internship Training Program

Lord Buddha Education Foundation with co-operation and active participation of Merojob.Com organized an internship training program for the fourth semester students of B.Sc. (Hons.) Information Technology and B.A. (Hons.) Business Management.

The 3 day training program was held from 16th to 18th July 2018. Which was followed by the internship Placement Day on 20th of July 2018.

During this 3 day program students were trained on the communication and proposal writing, resume writing, interview skills. Rajan Koirala and Bishnu Karki from Mero Job conducted the training.

The first session was conducted by Rajan Koirala who has Master’s degree in the journalism from University of North Texas. He currently holds the position of Marketing and Corporate Communications Head at merojob.com, Real Solutions and Rojgari Pasal. Mr. Koirala is the communication skills trainer and has a dynamic personality of being a TV Journalist, writer and event moderator. He has trained more than 100 people working as trainees in different UN organization offices throughout Nepal and over 2000 career enthusiasts in different colleges across Nepal.

The second and third session was conducted by Mr. Bishnu Karki. He has a decade long experience in HR and Telecommunications industry and currently he is successfully leading and managing a team of 30+ professionals at Mero Job. He has been involved in interview process of many organizations which makes him identify the best fit for the position. He is specialized on various training Modules, resume writing, presentation skills.

All the 28 students were present and took active participation in the training. The training was about building communication and proposal writing skills. Active participation was ensured to make the best out of the 3 hours training. The sessions during the resume writing made them more clear on identifying their skills required for the job/ career and ways to enhance those skills. The difference between CV and resume was also discussed. The students got more insights into the job description and best fit for the job which helps them to make their resume more professionally presentable. In the interview preparation session was conducted in the practical way by having the mock interview sessions so that they were well prepared for the actual interview day.

On 20th July, the placement day, Trilogy Media, Soani Tech, Insight Technology, Caraou Digital, Vianet Communication, ECLATS Infosys, Muncha.com & Mero Job were present to interview the students for the internship;

After the interviews were conducted, an interaction session between the companies and the management of the LBEF was held which was attended by Er. Prakash Kumar, Director (Academics) & Dr. Sandeep Kautish (Dean, Academics). A token of thanks was presented by Er. Prakash Kumar to the representatives of participating companies. The event ended with the cheerful group photograph.