01 Jun 2019

Farewell Day

Farewell Day – 2019

On 31st May 2019, LBEF campus bid farewell to the students of 1st A.P.U Batch.

With Ms. Dolma Sherpa, taking over the reins of being the Master of Ceremony, the event started at 05:30pm by calling the dignitaries on the Dias.
The following were present on the Dias
1. Er. Pankaj Jalan, Chairman, LBEF Group of Institutions.
2. Er. Prakash Kumar, Executive Director, LBEF Group of Institutions.
3. Prof. Dr. Sunity Shrestha, Chief Academic Advisor, LBEF Group of Institutions
4. Dr. Sandeep Kautish, Dean Academic, LBEF Campus
5. Mr. Uday Kant Jha, Chief Program Coordinator, Lbef Campus.

Welcome speech was given by Er. Prakash Kumar, where-in he welcomed all the dignitaries, faculty and students, and shared his thoughts.
Next, Ms. Dolma Sherpa, being the program coordinator of the batch, shared her views and memories, after which token of love was presented to every student.
Amid nostalgia and reliving the moments of past three 3 years, Ms. Rubina Bhattarai & Bijay Shrestha shared their journey making everyone laugh and sad when narrating the events. Mr Ayushman Shrestha and Mr. Sukant Kumar Sahu also shared their views and gave their blessing to students.

Ms. Anu Shrestha and Mr. Jitendra Kumar were awarded with Excellent Academic Achievement Award.

Prof. Dr. Sunity Shrestha, spoke about value of planning with students, Dr. Sandeep Kautish, Mr. Uday Kant Jha also shared is memories and advice with students.
Er. Pankaj Jalan, gave his best wishes to students, and asked the students to work for betterment of country, society and themselves.
After this students and faculty, enjoyed the music and danced to the tunes of DJ and relived the moments over dinner.

LBEF Campus wishes all the students, a Very happy prosperous life, and wishes that they attain great heights in life.

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