03 Jul 2019

Drama Workshop

One week Drama workshop was successfully conducted for the students of LBEF Campus. It reflects the school’s practice very effectively, including teacher’s individual preparation and work in classrooms. The drama is incorporated very effectively in other curriculum fields. The program makes very good progress among students to enhance their skills. Overall, the quality of the teaching of drama is very nice.

During this workshop, the participants were made accustomed with varies aspect of drama and its associated fields.
Starting from the basics of drama on the first day, the participants learnt about the body language and physicalisation (posture, gesture and facial expression), modulation of voice, importance of breath in performance and life, realistic and abstract movements and developing team work.

A variety of learning assessments and evaluations are used to assess better learning approaches in dramas. Students demonstrate perfect personality transformations with their vocal ability and strong accents making excellent references to the stimulus. Regular guidance from drama teacher has created a better environment for students to asset their knowledge comprehensively in their determined character. When describing a scenario, students pay attention to the language of the play and explain several performances that describe excellent production values.
Students also demonstrated a good understanding of the function in drama.

The participants will show there acting skills in front of August gathering on Founder’s Day.

Authored by : Manisha Regmi (B.Sc. IT (II))

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