22 Apr 2019

Contentment Is Stagnation


The contentment is the state of being fulfilled and gratified. It is also that state of satisfaction when further incoming changes or reforms are refused, with complacency on the grounds of attained state of excellence. Whereas Stagnation is the stage where people remain in the same stage and doesn’t grow and develop themselves. If we see this in economic term of Stagnation, it is prolonged period of slow growth measured in terms of GPP of the country.

Today’s Context

How relevant this term is present in present day context is evident from the havoc which it brings to one’s life when one becomes fulfilled. Rightly said, satisfaction is virtue of fools’.

Life is moving at great pace today and each passing movement we are preceding towards betterment and advancement, towards revolution and the phenomenal change associated with this is quite large in magnitude. Thus in an ever changing world and globalisation, endeavouring steadily to attain new dimensions and trends and advancement in technology, contentment is a bottle neck.

Reasons for Stagnation

If we become quite contented and content with our present acquisitions we reach at the where there is no further scope of improvement and development. Thus it doesn’t result in change which is vital in order to sustain in this tough and dynamic environment. And, no one would work if all is achieved. This tendency that everything has been achieved is felt by that stagnation and stopping at one place with no possible chances of further encroachment.

Through experience it has always been realized that by human civilization that if we shoot up to achieve stars, we may not get them but we don’t come down with mud either. Thus work and diligence can materialize only in circumstances of realized unfulfilment.

Had our forefathers become contented with their trivial discoveries of fire and wheel, if they have done so, human development would have stopped?  One should be thankful for their growing curiosity and dearth for betterment but for which, this remarkable state of civilized world wouldn’t have come into existence.

Robert Hutchins had said – ‘Anybody who feels at ease in the world today is a fool’. Till a man reaches his grave; he keeps on learning something new. But a man who is not humble will not find opportunities to improve further in life. Improvement is what is continuous moving further in life with having increased creativity and innovation. Enhancement is what is moving further and this is what it leads to positive changes. There is no day in a man’s life when he can announce that all his goals have been accomplished, his aspirations met and dreams fulfilled. There is always a score for development, the only thing which is expected effort- sincere and honest. Man has not been put on earth to cherish all the good things protective arms and be complacent, because satisfaction can be no man’s forte. Why should we interpret it as something salutary? Why not cover astonishing distances, by leaps and bounds, by considering each milestone trivial?


The statement is Contentment is stagnation is adversely criticized as some people believe contentment means satisfaction and happiness where do I believe contentment is enemy of the progress. Everyone should try to transform and progress their life for better and try to learn new things every day. As the change is inevitable we also have to move our self along with it and ready to embrace the change.

Author: Dinika Gupta